Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is driven by several key objectives:

Global Network: To strengthen our global reach and deepen our penetration in key markets through an engagement strategy that is relevant, accessible, and impactful.

Alumni Leadership and Financial Support: To reinforce the alumni leadership engagement program with varied levels of involvement. With a strong focus on creating additional “mid-to-high level” leadership engagement opportunities, while working to increase alumni donors and overall giving to the University. Assess models for volunteer leadership development and management and determine the GMU Alumni Association approach.

Engagement Enhancement: Define specific alumni phases (graduates, in training, mid-career) to create a lifecycle of engagement that connects alumni, fosters loyalty and commitment, and enhances the lifelong alumni experience as their needs change over time, with an initial strong focus on the following areas: outreach, alumni career services, and lifelong learning.

Alumni and Data: Develop an Alumni Association data-and-system as better data leads to more relevant alumni engagement. Foster a culture of operating, analyzing, coordinating, and sharing, to improve alumni/student/parent/donor data for current and future engagement opportunities.