Ms. Fatima Ahmed Haroon

Ms. Fatima Ahmed Haroon

Head of Planning Sector/Expert, Nursing
Department, Ministry of Health & Prevention, Dubai, UAE

Nursing Expert working at Department of Nursing in Ministry of Health and Prevention, had obtained her Master Degree in the Science of Innovation and Change Management from Hamdan bin Mohd smart University in 2013, Bachelor in Health Science Nursing from University of Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.2003.

She started her career working in as a school nurse in the Dubai school health department, after graduating from the Diploma Program from the Institute of Nursing in 1995 and then gradually she developed herself and was assigned bigger tasks and responsibilities, as she worked as an in-service educator in 1999 and as a program coordinator in 2006 and was assigned to lead first aid initiative for whole UAE governmental schools.

In 2010 she had her certification as a Diabetes Nurse Educator and joined Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research “RCDR”, as she worked as Diabetes Nurse Educator, and Insulin Pump specialist, she was a member of Research, Educational, Quality, and Awareness committee “REQA”, in 2012 she was acting as deputy nurse director and contributed a lot in staff development through conducting workshops, participating as a speaker nationally and internationally

Currently, she is the expert for the national initiative Enhancing Nursing as a Profession Initiative, acting head of planning and policies section in the nursing department and assigned as strategy coordinator for Hospital sectors in Ministry of Health and Prevention.