Prof. Abdul Bari Khan

Prof. Abdul Bari Khan

CEO and Founder, The Indus Health Network,
Karachi, Pakistan

Born in Karachi in 1961, Prof. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan has a long history of community service and philanthropy geared towards social upliftment. Dr. Bari completed his medical education from The DOW Medical College in 1986 and received a fellowship in Cardiac Surgery from The College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan in 1995. Passionately driven towards social welfare activities even as a medical student, Dr. Bari became an active member of The DOW Medical Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA) and soon its focal person for the PWA blood bank. In 1986, after witnessing a high-intensity bomb blast in Saddar that resulted in many casualties, Dr. Bari came to the realization that the casualty section in The Civil Hospital was too small to deal with crisis emergencies and decided to revamp and expand the unit.

Joining hands with the Patient’ Welfare Association to increase the unit’s capacity, Dr. Bari’s fund-raising efforts resulted in the establishment of a 36-bed casualty ward costing Rs. 36 lacs, this was able to cater to the large number of emergency cases.

After acquiring formal training in cardiac surgery, Dr. Bari joined The Civil Hospital Karachi as Assistant Professor for Cardiac Surgery, yet no Cardiac Surgery Ward existed in the hospital. Undeterred by the set-back and not one to ever give up, Dr. Bari launched a fund-raising drive under the platform of “Friends of Cardiac Surgery” to establish a Cardiac Surgery Department costing Rs. 3.5 crore that would offer Cardiac Surgery FREE OF COST. Since then, thousands of patients have benefited from free surgical treatment at The Cardiac Surgery Department of The Civil Hospital. According to Dr. Bari, who still heads the cardiac surgery department at The Civil Hospital, “Our journey hasn’t stopped; we are constantly looking to improve our services and facilities.”

For the people who cannot afford expenses of treatments and surgeries Dr. Bari and his medical counterparts and friends have also established the “Rufaydah Foundation, a foundation represented by a group of philanthropists, professionals, businessmen, social workers and intellectuals who endeavour to provide unconditional and uncompromised medical services for the underprivileged sections of society.

Fuelled by a passion to serve people unable to afford health-care facilities, in 2007 the determination of Dr. Bari and his philanthropic friends to serve the most vulnerable members of our society planted the seeds of a vision of a state-of-the-art free hospital that culminated in the creation of a state-of-the-art 150 bed hospital in July 2007 with the joint support of The Ruffaydah Foundation and The Islamic Mission Hospital Trust.

Dr. Bari’s brainchild The Indus Hospital, is the realization of a dream to provide premium health-care services to people who do not have the means to pay for quality medical care.

Managed by a passionate and competent team of local and expatriate professionals working round the clock under Dr. Abdul Bari Khan’s dynamic leadership, the Indus Hospital has treated more than 2.3 million patients since its inception in 2007 and continues to expand and grow. It has now grown into a healthcare network with hospitals located in cities all across Pakistan.

Life Time Achievement Award: Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

On 18th Nov 2009, The DOW Graduate Association of North America ( DOGANA )awarded a Life Time Achievement Award to Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, the CEO of Indus Hospital for his selfless contribution to health and community service.

The award was a formal token of appreciation for Dr. Abdul Bari Khan’s unwavering commitment and devotion to serve humanity beyond the call of his professional duties. According to The President DOGANA, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan has set a new benchmark in the health management and welfare activities in Pakistan. Overwhelmed by the appreciation, Dr. Bari in his acceptance speech thanked DOGANA for recognizing his contribution towards the health sector of Pakistan. He said that the award also recognizes the generosity of those Pakistanis who extend support to public and private sector hospitals with their philanthropy and donations.

DOGANA or Dow Graduate Association of North America is the alumni organization of Dowites residing in North American Continent. Formed in 1981, it has a large current active membership of Dowites.

On 23rd March 2015, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan was also awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan for services in healthcare.

In recognition of his services rendered in the field of medicine, he was awarded an honorary doctorate (Ph.D.) from Hamdard University Pakistan at their convocation 2015.